Dylan W.

Tour Guide at Indiana Wesleyan University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Bluffton, OH

Major: Sports Management

Secondary Major: Business Administration

A few of my life goals are...

One of my biggest goals is to work for Team USA, helping represent the United States in competition. I have always loved watching the Olympics, and even if this is not my future career, going to the games is definitely on my bucket list. Another goal of mine is to visit all 50 states (currently at nine, so a ways to go).

I feel most alive when...

I feel most alive when watching or attending really close sporting events. Nothing gets the blood pumping like a really close game, be it football, basketball, volleyball, etc. Watching and cheering with friends is the best thing ever. Close second is hanging out with my friends.

What connects me to my friends...

I love connecting with people in many different ways. While I really enjoy watching sports, I also love watching the marching band at half time. I enjoy meeting people from all sorts of places and finding connections between us.

My top strengths are...

WOO, Communication, Adaptability, Individualizer, and Arranger

I'm passionate about...

Netflix Laughing Dancing to Groovy Music Sports

I'm involved with...

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