Kate K.

Tour Guides and Overnight Host at Indiana Wesleyan University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Moline, IL

Major: Psychology

Secondary Major: Business

My top strengths are...

Strategic, Developer, Empathy, Responsibility, Relator

A few of my life goals are...

I have a huge passion for educating people about mental health. I hope to eventually own my own practice and counsel adolescents. I want to have a family and I definitely would not mind if we were located right outside of Chicago.

What connects me to my friends...

Getting to know someone's story connects me to my friends. There is something about knowing what has molded a person into who they are today that makes me feel really close to them. I think using our talents and passions together also connects me to my friends.

I feel most alive when...

I feel most alive when I am surrounded by the people I love. Whether its laughing until our stomach hurts or having deep conversations, my family and friends bring me so much joy.

I'm passionate about...

Music Growing with People Developing and Helping People My Faith Mental Health

I'm involved with...

Fashion Laughing Leading Worship Photography Musical Theatre
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