Lauren D.

Tour Guide at Indiana Wesleyan University

Class of 2019

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL

Major: Nursing

My top strengths are...

Organization, empathy, responsibility, focus, discipline

A few of my life goals are...

After graduating as a nurse, I hope to spend time in Africa working as a midwife and learning to live in another culture. I would also love to work with military families at some point in my life and walk alongside them in life. I love traveling and hope to visit Ireland and Scotland in the near future!

What connects me to my friends...

One on one time investing in each other's life, as well as doing fun and spontaneous things. I love being able to live with my closest friends and share in laughing, tears, and deep conversations.

I feel most alive when...

I am learning new things and being challenged to grow. I also love being able to care for others and make them feel heard and validated.

I'm passionate about...

building relationships Nursing Family Travel Painting
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